Industrial Investments

The services for the realization of industrial investments cover the four phases of a project:

Preliminary advice
Selection of projects and the type of participation. Technical and legal evaluation of projects. Identification and coverage of risks. Evaluation of renewable resources and production.

Project management
Drafting and negotiation of letters of intent. Drafting and negotiation of contracts. Supervision of the construction of the facilities. Certification of payment goals.

Verification of guarantees
Supervision of the performance of the guarantee tests. Certification of provisional and final acceptances.

Supervision of exploitation
Control of operation and maintenance of facilities. Control of the management of the vehicle companies.


In many European countries, including Spain, legislation encourages the production of electrical energy through cogeneration and from renewable or residual sources, such as biogas, biomass, organic waste, solar thermal or photovoltaic energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and hydraulic energy.

For this type of plants, a regulated tariff is established for the sale of electricity produced and a period in which the regulated tariff is received. The return on investment in these projects is very attractive compared to their low risk. The strength of the projects facilitates the obtaining of funds of the financial entities and the own funds can be reduced also by means of subordinated debt of third parties.

Novatec is specialized in energy production projects from renewable sources, with high efficiency energy generation, such as cogeneration and environmental protection, such as water purification or waste treatment.



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